oh! Nora! Captain Knott The explorer!

Captain Knott the Explorer takes you on a journey of discovery and only the fittest and bravest will survive! With the aid of his giant map, the audience can track the trail and answer questions on the strange animals he found on his way .. Do you know where the biggest snakes come from? would you like to see one? How about Huffalumps? or Moocows?

See the the poison darts of Bargoed, shiver at the slithery snakes , tremble at the tentacles of doom! He’ll take you around the world and if your knowledge is good there is gold to be had!

This 40 minute interactive family show features our Victorian explorer sharing the fun and scary things he has found on his travels from the Fire Whips of the Watuzi to the magic of the rain gods of Montezuma. 

Captain Knott! What a great show !! with some amazing stunts, I was sure the thing with the camouflage netting was supposed to happen?
— Edwin Brown
Glorious fun and educational too, the children and adults loved the show.
— Alison T , Commercial Director Neath Port Talbot Council.

Technical details.

Indoors or Outdoors 5mt X 5mt X minimum 4mt head height,

Level, flat or raked stage floor, deck or grassed area (short cut with no clippings please )

Back drop with marquee side or gazebo to the rear. ( a pop up gazebo can be provided with flag draped van as backdrop) Please note this is not suitable for an arena show,

Show length 35 minutes. Please note this is not suitable for an arena show,

Radio head mic required but a Portable PA can be provided for smaller venues. (200)

Parking required adjacent to performance area for the show duration for fuel , safety kit. ammunition and prop storage.

Clean, secure changing space please. (a gazebo can be provided foc)

Walkabout also available with “ Explorer Trike and The Giant Bubbles of the Boogaloo!