A ringmaster for your event

Perfect for your themed wedding, handfasting and ideal for a different meet and greet, glorious for any occasion with a professional Ringmaster, Toastmaster and Compere for your event.

Thrilled to able to offer a range of themed hosts , please choose from Classic Ringmaster, Wonderland, Peacock, Rhinestone ,Victorian or even Pirate! Arrrr!

Other commissions happily undertaken.

On this page we illustrate the various roles he has filled from :-

1 Circus Themed Wedding Ringmaster

2 Officiant/ Ringmaster for Celtic Circus Handfastings

3 Gala and Award Show Host and Compere

4 Victorian / Dickensian/ Regency Ringmaster 

5 The Rhinestone Ringmaster for Black Jam Circus

6 The Knife Thrower!


More information :     

He's compered, hosted, presented and Ringmastered  at Zippos Circus, for Moulin Rouge Shows, International Award evenings, Gala Shows, Round Table events, Birthday Parties, Victorian Faires, Weddings and Celtic Circus Handfastings. 

Scripted or unscripted this experienced ex- Maitre D’hotel, circus performer and actor knows how to ensure an event moves with a swing and a smile on its face.   

His performance and presence was excellent, he was a compelling Ringmaster, an enthralling entertainer and as a compere, held the entire event together beautifully.
— John Kirk. Technical Director No Fit State Circus
Impeccably turned out and cultured even with very little run through he just knew what to do and he turned our event into a grand three ring circus! Loved him!
— Caroline Shear Syon Park London

A circus wedding in the lake District for sarah and trevor fell 

Come on up they said, it'll be fun .... It certainly was, the whole village got behind this lovely couple, they even turned their village hall into a circus tent.

The attention to detail was sumptious and would be the envy of set desgners anywhere . 

 The day started with picking up the Grooms' party from the local pub after they had enjoyed a tradional full breakfast, then off we went with vintage buses full of guests to entertain on the way to the beautiful Park and Folly in Lancaster, where he helped the Registrar to settle the guests with  a crack of his whip and lined them all up for the photo call.

Back to the "tent" and a Meet and Greet as the guests arrived , then photo calls, some Walkabout entertainment as the photos were finished then all called together for the Reception meal, a slap up dinner from Mrs Miggins Pie Shoppe, he then called upon the top table for speeches with one of the best " Best Men" speeches ever, and then more Toasts than you could shake a stick at. 

A quick chill while the rooms were re-arranged and he was out the front meeting and greeting the additional guests who joined us for the Evening Reception.

He kicked off the evening with a circus cabaret show and led the couple onto the dancefloor for the First Dance .. Glorious. 


A  celtic circus handfasting

Alice in Wonderland Handfasting for Sam and Lizzy McEvilly, Pulham Dorset. July 2017

Two young circus performers drove hundreds of miles to come and see Peter to ask if he would officiate at their handfasting ceremony, how could he not say Yes! 

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Ringmaster Mad Hatter 1.jpg

 When as a young girl Lizzy was asked by her Mother where she would want to be married; she replied " Underneath that willow tree in our back garden "  " as a Mad Hatters Tea Party ! "

The family did the most amazing job setting the scene , decorating the garden in deautiful Dorset, borrowing a field next door for the circus tents, everyone came dressed up in character and the sun shone all day.

It was truly a magical experience and one Peter is so glad he could have been part of it.  A snapshot follows of the fun and games we had. 

What the Brides' parents had to say> 

Dear Peter, We are sat here on Sunday night having cleared up, ruminating on what was I think the most perfect event we have ever been to. No small part of that was down to you taking charge and enabling us to truly enjoy the special day for Sam and Lizzy. Thank you so very much, you are a special, talented and very kind person.
— Phil and Alyson Weymouth Pulham Dorset (Mother and Father of the Bride)

"Can he marry people?"

unnamed (4).jpg

 The simple answer is No, but he will happily devise with you and deliver a personalised circus version of a Celtic Hand Fasting Ceremony to suit you and your event. It is non religious, more humorist than humanist and has proven to be a great success.  

He will then ringmaster/ officiate / choreograph the affair so that the Four elements and cardinal points of the compass are invoked in a charming display of interperative dance and circus theatre... :-)  then the  vows can be said, " ground will be set" banns will be tied, rings will be exchanged and fun will be had.

Think of it in the style of Peter Cook in Princess Bride, Eddy Izzard in Star Wars canteen..... 

 It has no legal standing, and is not seen as appropriate immediately after a religious ceremony , but it was developed to add love and joy to a civil ceremony held either earlier in the day or week, please see the reviews, photos and comments to guage the reaction it has received in the past...... 

So what else does he do? 

As much or as little as you need him too...he's overseen many a wedding feast as a chef and hotelier, he's organised international conventions and special events galore and is a dab hand at putting a calm hand on the steering tiller..  

Have a peek at what he did for the weddings shown below .. he's the Brides' mothers' best friend, here's here to help, he'll welcome the guests, then badger them to line up for photos, he'll amuse the children (for a short period of time... ) he'll remind the caterer about the bubbly, act as Toastmaster, check everyone has had their main courses , put on a circus workshop, arrange for additional performers and put on cabaret show to frighten the Best Man in the evening and try to keep everything on time. 

Gala Show Host 

He has performed as "Zidler" for the touring Moulin Rouge Show from the Cetlic Manor Resort Hotel,  was the awards compere for tNA Global Awards, Show Compere for the international Gala Show for the British Juggling Convention and Toastmaster for the 80th Bithday of The Round Table  

Commisions happily undetaken , Goth? of course we can ,Circus of course!  Pirate? Oh! Arrrr!  

Is he expensive ?

Reassurringly so, especially if you want him all day and into the night ... but not so much when you think he does at least three peoples jobs and makes people laugh at the same time .. and have you heard his voice? liquid gold .. he could listen to it all day ...   

What do we need to do to get him? 

Be nice! That's all we can ask of each other, he doesn't do prima donnas or Z list celebs,  he'll need to chat ideally face to face, but conference calls and Skype works if you are the other side of the world ( he'll fly anywhere mind.. ) and  email you a fair bit to get the timetables sorted and the drafts to get the ceremony script if required exactly as to what is needed. 

He'll need timetables and key guest lists, ideally with photos so he gets Mum's name right .. and the name of the person you want frightened with his whip..... and a large non refundable deposit of mucho dinero.. 

Paul and Dee Ralleys' wedding celebrations at No Fit State Circus HQ Cardiff.

Peter was delighted to be asked to Ringmaster the shenanigans for a Trustee of this international touring modern circus.

In addition to meeting and greeting the guests, he liased with catering, compered the proceedings, marshalled the guests, entertained at table, assisted the photographer, put on a cabaret show, helped cut the cake and announced the first dance.......  see Paul and Dee's comments below, brought tears to his eyes they did.....  

Quite simply we could not have asked for a better host for the occasion! my wife and I and children were delighted with everything you did. Much love to you!
— Paul Ralley Groom
You were just most fun person we could of asked for to meet and entertain our guests and they loved the costume too! ,
— Victoria Holt Safe Foundation

Regency, Victorian Ringmaster 

Celebrating the 250th birthday of the start of circus as we know it with a hat tip to Mr Philip Astley or more Victorian with frock coat and stovepipe hat, more mischevious fun on  the fairground, a stamp of the stick and a crack of his whip and the crowds go wild.

Just the ticket for Circus Celebrations, Circus Shows , Dickensian and Victorian Faires, he can comes complete with a Little Big Top and circus skills workhouse.    

The Rhinestone Ringmaster 

The perfect host for your Circus Cabaret show and Burlesque Evenings with more glitter, a little darker and more danger! as at home at the Cafe de Paris in Piccadilly as he was performing late at night at Mavericks Cabaret at Glastonbury Festival.  

The Knife Thrower

Stage or cabaret live target knife throwing act , as featured on Circus Central at Glastonbury Festival, the BJC Gala Show ay Sheffield Civic Centre and for Michael Eavis’s Michaelmass Fayre,