Captain Dreadnought

Captain Mainwaring meets Mad Max and we all know who's going to win , steady boy! Can you pass the test? If you don't want to be left behind , come join his Armageddon.

The Recruiting Office is open but only the fittest and bravest will get in, the audience are regaled with tales from the front line as they are enticed to take the Queens shilling and join the the 31st Regiment of Foot!

 Can you ride a horse, shoot like Annie Oakley, show no fear in the face of automatic gunfire?  

He's also appeared as the original Baths Supervisor for the 75th Anniversary of the opening of The National Lido of Wales where he joined his colleagues in the Royal Welsh Regiment, he wasn't quite sure what they were laughing at tho....  

Here he is at The Dragon Quest at Margam Park this summer showing what happens when Dragons set their own tails on fire!  


Captain Dreadnought! What a great show !! with some amazing stunts, I was sure the thing with the camouflage netting was supposed to happen?
— Darren Brown

Flying Officer Kite 

I say! Chocks away!

Delighted to say that, inspired by a childhood spent living in  RAF stations around the world, a mad French tricyclist, BSA Bantams and biplanes, Flying Officer Kite  from Bubble command and his Magnificent Musical Flying musical Bubble Machine took off this summer bringing fun and frivolity to the skies, fetes and festivals around the UK. 
Keep your eyes peeled, he's coming in from the sun!