He’s a natural showman!
— Lee Mack, "Duck Quacks Don't Echo," Sky One TV

Award winning circus shows, walkabouts and quality circus workshops. 

Ringmaster, Compere, Pirate Shows, Medieval, Wild West Shows, Walkabouts and Workshops of many hues.  

For a no obligation quote, 07875 826773 or email Peter on ahandfulofhats@gmail.com .

Based in South Wales UK, and perform across the UK and beyond!    


International award winning shows .

 Wild West Cowboy, Dickensian, Circus, Medieval, Victorian  and Ringmasters that are guaranteed to please.


Perfect  Meet and Greet your guests to set the scene on arrival.

Excellent event promotion for exhibitions and  wandering entertainment around your festivities.



" Probably the best circus workshops in the UK"  

Inclusive circus skills, whip cracking, knife and axe throwing, balloon modelling and lock picking.

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