Compere and Ringmaster


"Powerful Pierre" A Ringmaster Extraordinaire !

A seasoned Compere and Ringmaster, he's overseen The British Juggling Convention Gala Circus Show at Sheffield Town Hall ,  Sarah and Trev's wedding up in the wonderful Lake District , appeared as "Zidler" for a UK run of the  The Celtic Manor's" Moulin Rouge Shows and performed the very first live target circus knife throwing act at Glastonbury Festival, was the guest Ringmaster for  Zippo's Circus and hosted and compered a number of corporate events across the UK including the prestigious Syon Park Hall and The Grove.

Peter brings a commanding voice and presence to any event, with an easy charm, fabulous moustache  and dashing good looks (his words .. I assure you .... ) he'll ensure your  corporate event or your wedding goes better that you could hope for.  

He's available in four distinct styles.  

Traditional Vintage Ring Master

Top hat, red tailcoat, shoes like diamonds and whip in hand he'll lead you a merry dance, announce your guests, master your toasts and present your acts or awards as  needed. He's been Zidler for Moulin Rouge shows for The Celtic Manor Resort , a favourite of Weddings, Award Nights and Dining Ins around the country.     

A special mention has to go to “The Ringmaster”, even though we didn’t get the planned “run through” he just got on with the job with charm and wit and ensured our “ Night at the Circus” Awards Evenings went incredibly well
— Dan Mascrisd tNA Soutions Syon Park

The Mad Hatter Ringmaster

  Extravagant in a turquoises and gold brocade tail coat, matching hat, shoes and whip, different, fun and elegant.

He's suits a Tea party  or a Garden Party at the Royal Crescent, for he loves a cup of tea.... talking about tea .. with a change of hats ( for he loves hats too.. ) he's the quintessential Mad Hatter to grace any of Alice's soirees...   

The Peacock Ringmaster was a joy and would be a fabulous addition to any wedding..... looking forward to working with you again
— Maria Farrelly Cwtch the Bride

The Rhinestone Cabaret Ringmaster

Star of Mavericks Cabaret Tent at Glastonbury Festival last year and the BBC's Halloween Concerts, a sparkling over the top confection in red and black, bedecked with his famous moustache and a touch too much eye liner for comfort, slightly scarier and readier with his whip, he'll stir your guests to a frenzy of ....... anticipation....

That was the most amazing show we have seen here at Glastonbury ..
— Dave Id Mavericks Cabaret Tent

Victorian Ringmaster

His fabulous brass baritone voice and megaphone in hand, with either a more sombre look but still fun with a dark frock coat, boiled shirt , wing collar, top hat and button boots or a dash of colour, his alliteration and spiel is the envy of music halls and Spiegeltents up and down the land, perfect for music hall evenings, Victorian Faires and Workshops  

You brought so much fun to our Victorian Faire we were just thinking up things for you to announce.....
— Julie Taylor Bryn Gawr Hotel and Country Park


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