A Whip Cracking resource Guide

with contact details of whip makers from around the world. 

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This whip resource guide has grown from a simple list of where to get a tidy whip to a weighty tome!

To save you having to wade through it all, just be aware it is in a series of sections, so scroll down to find the bit you are after, I shall add page links once I’ve worked out how to do that ..

Sect 1 Introduction

Section Two: The different types of Whip

Section Three : Bull whip, Stock whip? Performance Hybrid? Snake whip / Signal Whips? Which type of whip should I buy? 

Section Four ; How long a whip should I buy?

Section Five: What to look for in a whip.

Section Six: Where to buy and what to pay. The Loaner Whip Package.

Section seven : Whip cracking safety.

Section Eight: The Whip Makers Guide.

Section Nine: How to crack a whip and a whip maintenance guide.

Section One

Here is a small selection of the different types of whips available. If you come to one of my workshops you get to use all of these! :-)


I  started with a swivel handled leather bull whip bought at a juggling convention back inthe 90's ,  

It was, in hindsight, pretty terrible, but it was the only type available in juggling shops  25 years ago, with a poor whip and no technique it took  three months to finally make it crack, but he can now teach people how to crack a whip in three minutes, give him half an hour and he'll have you performing stunts and tricks .   

Having taught thousands of people in workshops all over the UK and Europe, he got increasingly frustrated at the rubbish that some sellers and websites still try to foist onto the unsuspecting beginner, even if they say have made whips used in a famous film.

...avoid so called "money back guarantees !!  (you only get your money back if the whip is never usedat all, crack it once and they will refuse to replace it!!

There is a list of whip makers lower down the page that Peter has actually bought, owned and used in shows, training and workshops plus some others who’s reputation is beyond reproach.

If you see a whip elswhere that you fancy, whether it’s from Ebay or a website save yourself some grief and send Pete the link for a an opinion, if he doesn’t know what they are like, he’ll know someone who does.

Please accept these scribbles as a guide. Peter is no whip maker, he leaves that to the skilled individuals listed later on, but having owned hundreds of whips from many different makers, and having been trained by three world champions and cracked whips professionally for over 25 years all over the world he’s won International and National whip cracking championships and being  honoured as the only Western Arts Club, " Master Whip Trainer", he knows a good whip when he handles one.     

 However, he won't be held responsible for any of the whips you may buy or the customer service you receive from the suppliers noted as it is offered in good faith however if you reckon you have been sold a dud, he'll have a look at it for you.

The advice offered is in good faith. "caveat emptor et volunti non fit injura!" Buyer beware and you participate in the sport at your own risk.

A selection of beautiful, world class , award winning kangaroo hide whips by Peter Thorndike from Australia .

Introduction to buying a whip

If you say the word whip, most people think of a bull whip and generally if they want to learn how to crack a whip they go out and buy the longest one they can afford from Ebay  or an outdoor activity website .... big mistake ! most that are available from places like that, are only good as wall hangers. 

Buyer beware!! make no bones about it,

The cheapest nylon bullwhip that almost works, will cost ( 2018 prices ) is £85 plus p&p, it’s a 1.5 metre machine made nylon Karaka whip from House of Poi, but it is like a wet noodle and you can make your own that cracks so much better for less than £15 or get a handmade nylon whip from a UK maker from £80- £150  that will work so much better, so please read on and learn more..   

Section Two

The Different Types of Whip Available

Bull whips, Target Whips, Stock whips, Snake whips, Performance  Hybrid (PH) whips, are just some of the many different types of whip available and they all differ in terms of the amount of leverage and mass they offer, some are easier to crack than others and for a beginner I recommend either a Performance Hybrid whip or a long handled bull whip,  known these days as a Target whip.  

  Examples of Performance Hybrid Whip (They have plastic tube handles and parachute cord nylon braids)

Section three

Which type and length  of whip should I buy? 

Which one to go for will depend on your budget and what you want to do with it.

If you want to do multiple fast cracking routines, then a shortish ( 4 1/2 foot) nylon stock whip or Performance Hybrid whips are great, if you want to do fancy two handed routines like Hassets Four Corners then a matched pair of 6ft stockwhips is good, if you want to do body wraps and target work then a 7ft - 10ft + bullwhip is probably better.

Beginners whips,

If you are in the UK , a 4 or 5 foot Beginners whip from Mark Bond in Milton Keynes, a budget stockwhip from Rufus Ruffcut or a Tilly and Poppy stockwhip from Scorpion Whips is a great start. See below for their details and other makers in the US and beyond.

 However if it's got to be a bullwhip then a 6ft paracord nylon bullwhip  is a great way to start.  ( here is a selection of whips from all over the place, contact me for details if one catches your eye,

If you can't make your mind up of what sort of whip you like , then catch up with me at the next whip or juggling convention workshop and try the different styles out with no obligation or you can join us in our practice space here in Barry, South Wales, which is available for group and private tuition.  (I will travel to you as well)

If you want to see the different types of whip in action and one of the finest whip crackers in the world , there are many videos on YouTube of  Adam Winrich, he is the   23 times Whip Cracking Guinness World Record holder demonstrating the different types of whip and showing some  nifty whip cracking too.  

I was incredibly fortunate to meet up with Adam when we  competed in America at The International Championships in Fort Worth -Dallas,d I went on to win the International Freestyle Performance Whip Cracking Championship , mainly down to me making the audience and judges laugh more than he did I’m sure :-).  

section four ; How long a whip should I buy?

If you want to  start with a 6ft Bull whip, BE CAREFUL, some makers commonly include the handle length as part of the braided portion  length of the whip  and the length of the handle makes a difference on how the whip performs, generally the longer the handle the more accurate it is.

An 8 inch handle on a bullwhip is about  normal but I prefer 10 inch and above and have even had some 6 foot Joe Strain bull whips made for the legendary Vince Bruce that had 21 inch handles!  ( to be honest they were very odd whips but great fun )  

Have a look at this diagram from Rhett Kelley in the States, he doesn't include the length of the handle for his cowhips (they are wooden handled nylon whips where the braid fits into a socket in the end of the handle) but some makers do, the answer is to check before you order.

The key phrase is at the bottom of the picture , these are the measurements "commonly used " I've ordered 6ft fire whips but they only were actually only 5ft long with a 12in fall on the end. I've also found makers that included the Fall in the length of their Performance Hybrid whips and still wanted to charge me $25 dollars a foot for it!

Just ask the maker " how long is the braid (thong in the US) this is the braided leather or nylon "body" of the whip and how long is the handle? "

Ask if the fall is counted in the length or not , see the diagram which sadly does not include PH whips!   

Rhett Kelley.jpg

Traditionally everyone seemed to reccomend that you start with a 6ft bull whip or 5 ft stock whip but if you add the handle length and the "fall" (the bit on the end that wears out) you are now talking of whip that is 8ft+  of whip and that's a long whip for a beginner and you need lots of room and height to play with it.

 Personally I find a 5 ft bull whip and 4 ft stock or PH whip is a place great start for a beginner,  for my whip workshops I've had 3 ft long braided nylon bull whips made they are nearly 5 ft long including the handle and fall and are brilliant to learn basic cracks with.

Section Five: What to look for in a whip

Nylon or Leather whips? what is the best ?

Personally I love leather whips and a well made kangaroo hide bullwhip cannot be surpassed, but the UK weather means that nylon whips make a lot more sense, (even a well greased leather whip hates the rain and can degrade)

For information, "nylon"  whips 

20ft nylon bullwhip   This is my own black and flame 20 ft bullwhip that went missing in a home move, a reward for it's safe return is offered  

                                                              All the makers listed in the first section are makers I've bought or used whips from .....I am a professional, family friendly whip performer and look for well made whips that crack easily and accurately. Generally I have found that makers who perform professionally make great whips but there are exceptions to every rule .

Don't buy a whip from Ebay unless you know the maker or you've dropped me an email and asked my opinion, or from Juggling Shops unless you have had a chance to try them first , ! However Western Stage Props now proudly stock Silver Whips from Sylvia Rosat and Midwest Whips from Paul Nolan these are highly rated makers .

But note you can buy direct from both at a saving.

What should I look for in a whip? 

Look for good even braiding, if it's patterned then it should be an even pattern all down the length with no obvious twist, it shouldn't be too tight or too loose, when you hold it up and rotate the handle there should be no obvious kinks, twist or bends and it should flow nicely down to the cracker . 

If you have a nylon( paracord) whip, hold the whip horizontally , bring the braid up and loop it so it forms a horseshoe curve with the tail of the whip pointing down and then slowly dip your hand down, the loop should smoothly roll own the length of the whip. New leather whips tend to be stiffer and may need  " breaking in" before they do that tho. 

How many plait or braid should I go for?

Kangaroo leather whips

Read the description or ask questions if the details aren't given, for leather whips kanagaroo (roo) hide is the best and the higher the number of plait or strands the better the quality of the whip, 8 and 12 strand are popular with 16, 24 and 32 being top end quality but the higher the plait count, the narrower the braid strand and the easier it is to break them if used roughly.

They may  have a cut or rolled hide core and then braided over the top in maybe 4 plait to make a belly , then sometimes a leather bolster is laid over it to give it a nice thick shape then braided over the top again, if it's then braided over again before the final braided covering it's called a two bellied whip. A good whip , is almiost like a whip within a whip within a whip .. that’s why they cost hundreds of £’s. the skill and labour costs and the makers desrve every penny.  

Cow hide whips, kip, kudu, goat skin or buckskin or... 

They can be red hide, kip, green or white hide depending on the tanning process , the leather is much thicker than roo hide,  but they can all still makes great whips .

I have a series of 4 plait red cow hide stock whips that are indestructible but a bit heavy for some people. Also kudu a type of gazelle leather from SouthAfrica is used , very tough stuff. 

Nylon or Paracord whips

Traditionally made with certified military grade parachute cord with the inner strands removed, today tho a number of overseas cord makers are on the bandwagon and the quality of the cord can be indifferent, you also come across Dacron or polyester cord being used which can give a very smooth action but doesn't appear to wear as well as the military grade. You can get extraordinary colour choices including flouro and flourescent in paracord.


How can I tell if it's nylon or polyester?

A quick test is to try and melt the end of a piece of cord, if it melts cleanly into a smooth golden globule it's nylon , if it doesn't melt very well it might be polyester.   

Performance Hybrid Whips

A lot of the very popular PH style whips are 12 braided strands of paracord covering a core of bundled paracord , relatively cheap, light and fast, they work well and some of my heavily used ones are 10 years old and more . 

 More expensive whips will have a paracord core that may be weighted with small bb lead weights and then braided with 8 strands , then over braided up to twice more with 12 then 16 strands of paracord , obviously they will be a heavier whip so worth handling one beforehand to ensure you can handle  them for any quick routines you have in mind, their weight can lead to easier cracking for side cracks but you might struggle to do much else with them. Try before you buy!  

Quality checks

Worth doing is bending the braid well, to see if you can see the core easily inbetween the braiding it may not last very long, a well made whip might have another layer of braid underneath but if the top cover is tightly braided you'd be hard pressed to see it .

I've had whips with a rope and paper core that had just been braided over and whips so lightly braided the core of bundled strands of para cord could be clearly seen.. not clever. 

Sometimes makers "wax" their whips , that is they are dipped into molten parafin or soya wax then left to drain and cool , this fills in gaps in the core and gives it a heavier feel, some say it helps the whip and some say nay. try them all and make your own mind up. 

Tape or no tape?

Some people deride the use of adhesive electrical tape in holding the core together when you are making a nylon whip and say no tape ought to be used but some well known makers who make great whips use that method.

I'm led to understand that if the whip is then dipped in wax the tape will get loose and make  the whip "lumpy" . I've not had that problem yet with nylon whips but have had it with high end kangaroo whips that I know don't use tape so I don't know the answer to that one. 

If you know what you are doing and it doesn't crack easily put it back! 

if it's as stiff as a stiff thing , don't touch it !

Don't listen to bull about it being " over waxed" and or a nylon whip getting looser with use , they will a little bit,  but if it's as stiff and doesn't roll out at all you don't stand a chance,  

Pretty well all whips have a "set" i.e. it will naturally want to bend more one way than another but it shouldn't be so pronounced that it effects the way the whip "rolls out" when you throw it. This is where buying from experienced and known makers is the best bet, see the list below.   

Section Six: Where to buy and what to pay  

Who should I buy from? 

There are many whip makers now around the world, whereas it might not be possible to try them all, here are some makers that I have had good whips off in the past and  those whose good reputation is known worldwide.

After years of encouraging people to take up this grand sport, young people are its future, I therefore avoid any whip maker who is not family friendly.  

How much will they cost ?

A professional whip maker may take three days to a week make a 8 foot roo whip, (cutting the strands, sizing them, tapering them etc etc etc), good kangaroo hide is very expensive so think about the wages for a week for a skilled professional craftsman , add the cost of the product, rent and rates of the shop, heat light pension and insurance and some profit then don't be surprised to pay several hundred pounds for a quality leather whip. 

 Costs will vary, so ring around and compare prices for a 6ft bullwhip, to give you an idea, a good quality roo hide whip can cost hundred of £'s  or a nylon one, a quarter of that. You can get a machine made plastic Karaka 1.5 metre bullwhip for £80, or a much nicer hand made paracord nylon bull whip with a carbon fibre handle in the UK from  £80 + (2018 prices) 

Will I have to pay up front while they make me one? 

Generally Yes , and ask how long you will have to wait , I once waited two years for a whip from a world renowned maker and three is normal.  

 Don't forget to add post, packing and shipping plus Customs Duty if you are ordering from abroad!  It used to be (when the Exchange rate was more favourable) that basically a $150 dollar whip from the States would cost you £150 by the time you had paid, Customs handling charges , VAT etc.  

What if I only have a tiny budget to buy a whip? 

You can borrow a whip,  for the cost of postage,  see details below or you can make your own Adam Winrich Instant whip!

Also known as the Fifteen Minute Whip ( more like fifty the first time to be fair) The  prototypes were made in my home and I still have it and use it regularly.

Contact me  for the instructions and contents list with suppliers, the material cost is about £15 - 20. as of 2018 .See how they are made here.

Adam Winrichs' Instant Whips 

6ft Instant Whip                           Adam and I teaching at a Convention          Hungarian whip                                   Me at work :-)                 

free loaner whip package 

"The Handful of Hats" Loaner Whip Package

 I wasted £££££ buying rubbish whips when I started and now I'm fortunate to have a couple of whips that don't get the use they deserve so I'd rather they be used and encourage people to take up this great sport, I have also have soem sample whps from makers for you to use in workshops.  

All you need to do is read the bumf below and join our Sport, Circus and Performance Group on Facebook, we have over 880 members from around the world, apply, Friend me and I'll send  the conditions for this family friendly group and we can go from there.

Loaner Whips from A Handful of Hats

I've wasted hundreds of £s on whips that  that they were either rubbish or didn't suit me.

To save newcomers to the sport that trouble and expense and let you try some whips before you buy I came up with the Loaner Whip Package.

Who can borrow them?

People I have met and or attended any of my workshops, people who ask nicely, if I haven't met you then I need a verified name and address, phone number and email as well as FB contact page  (not just a FB profile)

What will it cost ?

Post and packing for me to send them out to you in the UK will cost you £6.50 payable to my PayPal account  gamble@ntlworld.com and it will then cost you the same in Recorded Delivery postage to return them to me. Please do not keep them longer than the agreed time ( normally 6 weeks )

Damage and replacements

The whips are all  used but would cost several hundreds of £s to replace so please treat them like they were your own and follow these rules .

Whip cracking is inherently dangerous

1 Always wear eye protection ( safety glasses)

2 Always wear a hat to protect your ears, a long sleeved top and loose jeans

3 Find a place where you can practice that will not alarm the public or frighten dogs or children.

4 Do not crack whips on gravel or tarmac, it wears them out badly and can send shrapnel at the speed of sound towards innocent bystanders.

5 Ensure that when the "cracker" at the end either falls off or wears out that you replace it promptly otherwise the "fall" at the end of the whip will fray and shorten. ( there are spare crackers in the parcel)

6 Keep an eye on the state of the fall ( the long thin bit at the end ) because if knots appear in it ( and they will ) they can be difficult to remove if left in place and they weaken the fall.

  There are video links on my website on how to crack whips and how to make crackers and how to replace them. See the Whip Resource Page at www.ahandfulofhats.co.uk.

I will not be held responsible for any harm or damage caused by or to you using these whips, I retain ownership of them at all times.

Take care and have fun

Peter Gamble

23 Harbour Road, Barry, CF62 5SA  www.ahandfulofhats.co.uk

Section seven : whip safety

Whip Cracking Safety Guidance

As every whip cracker knows, 'ouch' is the sound of learning! But follow these simple guidelines, and you should prevent a minor mishap from becoming a major injury.

 Wear eye protection, even when doing things you are familiar with, even with short whips. Wear builder safety specs ( you can get some nice sexy one these days, specs .. not builders .. ) 

1.     Wear earplugs, especially if you are working indoors.

2.     Wear sensible clothing. Flat soled shoes or trainers, a long sleeved top, jumper or shirt and thick loose trousers offer the best protection. Leather trousers and a leather jacket is a bit OTT but can look kind of good.. 

Jeans are ok, but tight fitting clothing offers little protection as the energy of the impact goes straight through.

Wear a broad brimmed hat to help protect your ears.

For new manoeuvers with long whips, some people even wear crash helmets.

3.     Protect those around you as carefully as you protect yourself. Remember that if you are practicing target work with an assistant, they are much closer to the crack than you. You might think ear protection unnecessary, but they could well disagree! leather  gloves or similar are good if they are holding targets. Give yourself space to the sides and above.

4.     Avoid working where there is loose debris on the ground. Gravel and loose earth canbe picked up and thrown at great speed and cause injury; and will damage your whip.

5.     Stay aware of what's going on around you. Dogs can be attracted to the sound, as can children, and they always seem to approach from behind! Ideally, have someone 'spotting' for you to prevent other people from being hit if they get too close.

6.     If you are practicing with other people, establish a 'working area' in which safety glasses must be worn at all times..

7.     Get good at the basics before moving on.

8.     Whips can be dangerous, do not fool around with them.

Have fun and crack on,

Whip crackers and jugglers are always welcome to my indoor rehearsal space or my favourite park in the summer here in sunny Barrybados, I also offer structured lessons for beginners and performers in whips, knife throwing and performance skills. The "More Danger" Club is open every Wednesday afternoon during the Winter and Spring , come and join us at little or no cost. 


Section Eight: The Whip Makers  Guide

Who to buy a Whip FROM?  there are a number of UK and overseas suppliers who sell rubbish, don't be conned.

But if you see one you really really like, send the link to me and I'll check it out for you. 

Makers are not in any order of preference nor can I vouch for any product or remedy any fault. but I have bought great whips off most of these makers in the past. 

UK makers first, Facebook or website links you may need to copy and paste them into the Address bar of your search engine. 

Multi bellied whips?

Traditionally all whips have a core , on a quality kangaroo leather whip it may be a long tapered piece of red hide cow leather or roo hide, then covered in a sheet of roo hide which is then then plaited over the top with thin strands of leather, this is what they call “a belly” it can be covered again with a sheet of leather called a bolster and then a final braid of leather strips over the top of that or the bolster could be replaced with another braided cover , that would give you a “two belly” whip as the “core” is never counted as a a “belly” On a nylon whips the “core” is often a bundle of paracord which is braided over the top, some of my best performing whips are built this way as they are light and flow well. some makers may braid over the top of the core and then braid another final layer over that as well, this is a “two belly” whip, they tend to be heavier.

James Hewitt (Scorpion Whips )  

Please check the website for current prices

 A design engineer and Swiss watch repair technician who has used his knowledge of materials to up the game on whip design, mixing custom made carbon fibre handles and intricate paracord plaiting patterns with  the option of  laser engraved aerospace grade aluminium couplings and heel knobs. He specialises in carbon fibre handled bullwhips and is now producing a very nice range of lightweight stock whips that make perfect beginners whips.

I own and have used a range of his whips from short bullwhips , stockwhips to custom made target whips and they are all a joy to use. Also on Facebook      http://www.scorpionwhips.com/

Ruffcutt Whips (Ade Harrendence) 


 A  Welsh whip maker who has supported Circus whip cracking for some years, his clients include myself and other international circus performers . He offers,  Bull, Cow , Stock and PH style nylon whips. Contact for prices.

Mark Bond ( Adventure Activities )


Talented performer and knife thrower is now making budget beginners whips thanks to help from Ian Savin , they are tough and work well at a great price, I have some you can try if you are not near Milton Keynes.

Andy Horobin


Circus performer and tutor. Another Welsh whip maker who is now selling nylon whips that work very nicely, Contact Andy for prices.

Ian Savin - Redneck Roys Whips


 He now appears to specialise in heavier weight nylon bull whips with options for intricate pattern braiding. I have a couple of his early shorter nylon bullwhips and they work extremely well. Contact Ian for prices.  


Whip makers in Europe

Axel Lackman 


A charming man from Germany who has helped countless new whip makers learn the trade , a talented leather workers and he smokes a mean sausage too. His nylon whips are known for their accuracy and I love the flow of the ones he makes without the steel wire core . Contact Axel   via Facebook. 

Sylvia Rosat

Silver Whips



Sylvia is professional circus performer, based in Switzerland and Bulgaria she is a multi lingual circus professional and exceptional whip artiste who has developed her own beautiful style of Arrow long handled bull whips  that are very popular in the circus world. She has actively sort out training from Axel and Jean Philippe from France and has that distinct advantage of being a full time performer and whip maker.  Her whips are now stocked by the world famous Western Stage Props of Las Vegas but you can order from her direct via Facebook. Prices start around £150 for a great whip 

 Jean FiWhip

Jean-phillipe Sartorian

A charming French doctor who makes and teaches how to make quality whips in nylon or leather, vertually every whip cracker I know in France has several of his whips :-) I have a number of his long leather bull whips and wish I had more.  Contact me for his email address.

Miodrag Beslin ( Misha ) 


Veryu talented guy from Belgrade who makes quality leather whips. I’ve had one of his Cossack whips, very nicely made.

Lyu Ben BG Whips 


From Bulgaria Lyu Ben makes  fine  quality leather and nylon whips that perform faultlessly.

American Whipmakers

America has a couple of wholesalers that sell whips, Dube in New York and Mark Allens’ Western Stage Props has the most comprehensive list of props that any self discerning cowboy or girl would cry for .. I’ve bought lasso ropes off him in the past and teh service is great but be prepared to pay postage and sometimes custon duty into the UK , he also stocks Sylvia Rosats “Silver Whips “ and a number of whips from Paul Nolan so you know he is a quality outfit. https://www.westernstageprops.com/

Greg DeSaye


20 years ago I bought whips off this Montana cowboy and they still work brilliantly, he still makes exceptional good and tough whips that are designed to be used on or off horseback. 

Rhett Kelley “ He’s now making whips again!! )


A Floridian native living in Georgia , he keeps alive the Florida Cowboy traditional cow whip with rare wood handles if required and fine braiding in all his work. The cow whip with its "socket" connection to the handle shows the origins on the PH whip, his whips are legendary. He recently became a LEO but will still find time to make you an exceptional whip if you ask nicely.

 Bobbi Hollyoak


Dakitty Whips ( dakota Winrich) 


Talented circus perfomer and exceptional whip cracker , she performs with her husband Adam Winrich and makes PH style whips at great prices and with an increasingly good reputation .

Whips and Whatnots


They flow like silk. I have a long handled bullwhip and two short PH style whips which are sunning themselves in Hawaii... funny old game, this whip cracking malarkey ..

Steve Koliski



Famous for his long nylon and dacron whips but also makes other lengths , I've had a fantastic snake whip from Steve that was a joy to use , a quality whip maker

Rusty Knives

Richard Johnson , Facebook Rusty Knives

No nonsense , tough nylon cow whips , especially wooden handled cow whips , he makes great knives too :-)

Australia and New Zealand

Peter Jack


Legendary whip maker and trainer, he makes glorious high end whips but also great budget stockwhips that I use for training and competition ,His 5ft "Yard whips" won me a number of of championships and show awards,    

Simon Martin


, High quality Leather and Nylon whips to order, his Whippa lace stock whips are legendary, as designed by Gary Brophy and are used by Adam Winrich, Gary and Todd Rexx , all legends in whip cracking.  I've used stock whips from Simon and the owner had to fight me to get them back.   

Peter Thorndike


If you want the finest , order some of these beauties. Multi World champion whip maker, he also makes collectors piece whips , I don't own one of his, but wish I did. glorious glorious whips ... 

Additional makers will be added ,


Paul Nolan

Midwest Whips


Now moved to LA , very skilled maker and whip handler , lovely lovely whips , the go to guy for the film industry. 

South African Whip Makers

Gerhardt Van Rhyl ,https://www.facebook.com/gerhard.vanzyl.393

Gerhardt is a voluntary game reserve warden and has been instrumental alongside Margaret van Dyk in populising Sports Whip Cracking in South Africa . They organise regular meets and competitions. Gerhardt makes a variety of whips and leather goods including fantastic simple stock whips that are a joy to use, just check the the cost of postage from SA.

Alwyn Sturgeon https://www.facebook.com/alwyn.sturgeon.

Carriage driver and whip maker who uses kudu hide amonst other leather , very interesting integrated fall knots that ae more like intertwines but still appear very tough. I have two of his whips here in the UK and both crack very well.

section nine:

repairs and Whip Maintenance,

how to make crackers

Two things you need to be able to do once you have learned how to crack a whip.

1 How to make a replacement cracker to go on the end.

2 How to attach a cracker to the fall of a whip.

How to make a baling twine and nylon inner strand cracker for a whip (it lasts longer! )

How to make baling twine and Dyneema cracker for your whip ( lasts longer still! )


Making Dyneema crackers ( very tough, very loud but can tangle on nylon whips)

Replacing the leather fall on a leather bullwhip


How to repair the twisted fall on a nylon whip.

Need a replacement fall or want some posh crackers?

Get in touch with Ric Boyd, this Texan, retired rocket engineer makes supersonic crackers that last until the cows come home and the best colour coordinated and weighted falls you could ask for. Tell him I sent you. https://www.facebook.com/mriclb

How to crack a whip .

There are many great YouTube videos, I've compiled a list of basic cracks and accompanying videos that I hope you will find useful.

For further help and info please join our family friendly Sports Whip Cracking Group on Facebook and get in touch with me for trainers near you.

 For whip cracking shows, demonstrations, lessons, western skills workshops and circus entertainment please see my website www.ahandfulofhats.co.uk (44) 07875 826773

 Whip Cracking Tutorial videos

  Group and one on one lesson are the finest way of learning whip cracking but if you are unable to meet up with other fans, then this how an awful lot of us learnt! . For the beginner and advanced practioners the ubiquitous YouTube has a wealth of material that can help and inspire you and of course, also put you off for life when you see how far you have yet to go :-) But persevere padawan, we will always continue to learn and improve, there are no true masters only students.

This is not a definitive list, I have put together this list as a guide, nor is it a recommendation for any particular Tutor, there may be a tutor that irritates the bejabbers out of you ,, fine! look further you'll find someone you prefer

 Safety, Safety, safety , when learning, please wear safety glasses.  Be warned you will hit yourself!!! It HURTS!!!!  A wide brimmed hat with long sleeved shirt and jeans are always a GOOD IDEA and leather gloves are sometimes an even better idea. Ow! may be the sign of learning in whip cracking but if you are continually hitting yourself something is badly wrong , get in touch and ask for help!

 Names of the different cracks .

 There are regional variations on the naming of cracks !

 The Circus Crack, The Cattleman's Crack and The Forward Crack , The Gypsy Crack, , The Lion tamers Crack are all the same thing!!

I've seen The Flick called the Side Arm Crack the Underhand Crack and the Side Crack!  confused ? don't be , watch the videos, see how it is done, if someone calls it something else..... fine ..... the only important thing is when you enter a competition is to call it what the judges recognise , when you get to that stage I have a copy of the Australian Championships rules for reference.

I use this list as a guide , Whoosh Bang ? ( also called "Cow and calf" !!!! ) That's an Under Arm Crack followed by a Cattleman's Crack ( see above :-0 ) Can I do all the cracks that are listed No ! :-0 but I can teach you how to do them

On Facebooklook for the "Sport, Circus and Performance Whip Cracking Group" put in a request to join , I will then send you a Friend request and a copy of these conditions of membership , if you are not family friendly then I'm sure there are other groups that will welcome you but we won't. If you don't respond within a reasonably time frame I'll assume you have changed your mind


Paul Nolan Mid West Whips


Adam Winrich


Basic Cattleman's Crack

Chris Camp The Whip Guy

Underhand crack or Flick



Bernie from Em Brand Whips ( RIP)

Basic whip cracking


Adam winrich

Slow Figure 8



More Advanced

Adam Winrich

The many ways you can crack a whip


The Volley


The Snake Killer


The Coachman's Crack


The Overhead Crack


Paul Nolan

The Arrowhead


Tricks with Whips

Paul Nolan Whip Tricks

Target tricks


Adam Winrich

Bullwhip tricks

I get a mention:-)


Adam Winrich

Different types of whips


Chris Camp

Dixie cup drop




Todd Rex

Whip Tosses https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ronkp8SWg7g

other Heroes of mine ....

Ben Hughes

The Messerschmitt


Karikacsapás 2

Traditional Hungarian whip cracking


We now have a fantastic selection of whip cracking tutorial videos from April Jennifer Choi , check them out! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHxBBH-A7-LGuVfVVaauhRDrEK0RhMZAo

I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it useful,

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For whip cracking shows, demonstrations, lessons, western skills workshops and circus entertainment


   Whips in Action

 From left to right  Peter and Sylvia Rosat, teaching Swansea Burlesquers, Adam Winrich and Peter at the 2012 UK National Convention, Whip cracking workshops at the Southend BJC 2013 , workshop at National Museum of Wales , Simon Ratzker getting excited , Pete and Adam doing a double act , traditional whip crackers farewell !