Father Christmas

Such a lovely experience with a fabulous costume and such fun with the children , seriously the best we have seen.
— Visitor Experience Manager. Duffryn House, National Trust.

Bright, fun and loved by children and adults alike.

Delighted to say that for the third year running he was part of this marvellous event for The National Trust,  now with a free,  award winning 12 Days of Christmas Trail.



This was the nicest experience we have had, he was so fun and lovely to the children.
— the Mann family Bath
All together the very best Father Christmas we have seen, the children loved his sense of humour AND they listened to his words of wisdom ... not sure that will actually manage to wash the car as well as dig the garden tho...
— Adam Railnen and Family Caerleon

He'd be pleased to visit your country home, hotel or palace ....... past clients include ,  The National Trust , Abergavenny Town Council, The Vale Resort, Duffryn House and Gardens, Café Royale, Endemol TV etc ,  perfect for Corporate events and  Christmas Celebrations.

The feedback was fantastic and so charming , a true star performance, we look forward to seeing you next year Santa!
— General Mannager Duffryn House The National Trust

The Green Santa (©) 

Traced back through the mists and myths of time, from Odin and the Norse Legends , Spirit of Christmas Past , the Dutch Sinterklaas and St Nicholas himself, the Green Santa embodies all the warm friendly elements of this special time of year.

We offer a real green alternative to the modern red  Santa Claus, based on an original interpretation of past Christmases , perfect in a woodland glade or stately home, a charming start to Christmas celebrations. 

Quite simply the best Father Christmas we have ever had, he was magnificent with the children and the adults adored him too.
— Toni Cossins Marketing and Events Manager Bryngawr Country Park Anwen Trust


What's better than having a wax works in Madame Tussauds' ?

When a talented Pastry Chef saw the Green Santa she was so impressed she immortalised him in the form of a display cake for her catering college final exam! A hat tip to Michelle Princess O'Dare from Honeycakes Bakery  for this beauty, 


Welcome to the wonderful Victorian Christmas Workhouse! 

Your Christmas Circus Workshop was the highlight of the entire Christmas party, the children and adults absolutely loved it , they can’t stop telling us what fun it was ..
— Jane Such Events Co-ordinator Royal Mint Llantrisant

A superb popular attraction, under canvas or indoors with marvellously moustachioed gentlemen and ladies of a circus persuasion , sideshow events,  training the little darlings in the subtle arts of   equibilibrinism and prestigitation , right before your eyes! 

Come visit our Victorian Workhouse, sorry Circus Workshop, perfect for your Christmas Faire with hula, spinning tops, cup and ball, bobbin diablos  and all the fun of the fair, public floggings on the hour ...... 

the frock coated frosted festive gentleman and The magical musical snow tricycle   

Oh! what fun it is to see an Edwardian tricycle that plays Christmas Carols ( In Welsh too!) and a snow storm of fun and happiness with bubble snow as well.

Perfect for Christmas parades and walkabout entertainment with a festive quiz and prizes for all, including Tiny Tim!