Lock picking Workshops

Teaching you the secrets of Houdini whilst CHANNELING mission impossible .......

We'll teach you the closely guarded secrets that the movie companies tried to hide for years.

How does it work ?

Peter lays out the basics, some history of locks, the different types of locks, the principles involved , the tools involved and how to use them.

Then each team gets personal lock picking trainer, and each member gets a practice lock and a set of lock picks and in no time they will be opening locks like Houdini.   ( up to ten guests in a team and we can train up to thirty guests at a time)

How long? Each workshop is designed around your requirements . "only got ten minutes?  we can do that but it's much more fun over an hour and we can ntroduce a competition and harder and harder locks....  

It was everything you promised, fun challenging and addictive, our delegates loved it and we want to book you again but not London this time.. it will be for the Science Museum in Manchester.
— Louisa Vicos Trustwave Internet Security Consultatnts

"More Danger" Days 

" More Danger?" has been Peter's signature catch phrase for the past 25 years and now he gives you the chance to join in the fun! 

Whether its to train an actor or stuntman or finish of your bucket list, we have a range of unique activities  we have brought together as a pick "n" mix menu for you to to chose and select the ones for your event , whether it's for the ultimate Corporate Away Day , Secret Agent Training , Cowboy Training, for a film or for just for your fancy. 

How many at a time? 

From individual tuition to up to thirty guests  with Peters' own personally trained and selected Tutors .. tho he did teach fifty jugglers once ... 

We've provided the training, equipment and props for the following recent events,  Kingsman : The Golden Circle,  Media Experience Day Launch , The Magnificent Seven Media Launch,  O2 Indinana Jones Day,  BBC Deadly Dinosaurs, BBC The One Show.  

What do I need to do now? 

Choose the skills you like from the list below,   we provide all the equipment and safety kit and expert tuition  and we'll sort the logistics and costs out for you.

All activities/ workshops can include shows and demostration stunts and tricks where you or your guests get to be the stars or the targets!

We can do single or multiple skills depending on the numbers and time you have , for The Kingsman film we did three skills to broadcast quality in twenty minutes! But in a typical day 10am - 3pm  with a solo tutor and five guests we can do 6 or more skills .... in a weekend the worlds your oyster! 

Most are best outside but some are transferrable indoors ( Knife throwing, Gambit cards, whips ( depending on room and height) and the target stuff , best to give Peter a ring and chat about what you fancy .

44 (0)7875 826773

For the ULTIMATE GIFT , we also do Gift Vouchers for One, Two hour and All Day Workshops , prices from £75.   

  1. Kingsman "Statesman Skills"  Lasso throwing, whip cracking and gun spinning
  2. Knife ( Cold Steel Throwers ) and Axe throwing. we can add Bayonets, Kukri , large Axes and Gambit Flying cards to the mix, please let us know .
  3. Fire Whip Cracking training, ( can include fire eating too) 
  4. Target Knife Throwing  (You provide the "Target Girl/ Boy" or we provide the precision target board) 
  5. Performance standard two handed Whip Cracking , two whips are TWICE the fun!  
  6. Thompson Sub Machine Gun Target Range (Airsoft) 
  7. Indiana Jones Bullwhip Target Cracking ( 8, 10 and 12 foot bullwhips of Doom!! ) 
  8. Winchester Rifle Shooting  Range (Airsoft)
  9. Browning M1911 Semi Auto blank firers
  10.  Colt 45 Black powder blank firing safety training
  11. Colt 45 Gun Spinning Workshop
  12. Crossbow Target Range  (Peleton and Medieval) 
  13. Lock Picking, ( Yale , padlock and Euro) Handcuff Picking. Puzzle locks  
  14. Fire Eating. ( body burning, you get for free! )
  15. Walking on Broken Glass ( or lying on it, you get for free! ) ( Subject to availability) 
  16. Sword balancing, Zombie attack, Knife defence skills.  
Just wanted to say a huge thank you, you and Simon were incredible, so professional and accomodating, I was over the moon with everything, so thank you!
— Calvin Ewing Media Circus Kingsman The Golden Circle Medai Launch



How did this come about? 

Peter started his circus career juggling axes and it all went from there .

Being a senior lecturer in Sport and Rec and a Health and Safety Officer gave him the skills to allow Equity to insure his antics and it all went downhill from ther.

Over the years we have  acquired  a host of sharp pointy things and things that go bang and some interesting friends with extraordinary talents who have shared ther skills,   he's been asked to train film actors, celebrities and stuntmen   (No!  of course the guns are not real, that would be very silly and very dangerous, but as far as the law and theatrical performance allows  they are the closest you can get to the experience without having to go to the Czech Republic .... 

All these were wheeled out for Sony Studios DVD Media Launch of " The Magnificent Seven" and the latest Kingsman film The Golden Circle when we trained 40 media " influencers" from around the world.

They were such a success that we are now offering  them to a select sensible audiences with deep pockets, a suitable site and  who want a different type of fun day.