On this page we offer a  range of  out of the ordinary workshop activities from Lock picking to Target shooting , whether it's for a conference energiser , hen party or a fun weekend, just select the ones that tickle your fancy  and we will put a package price together. 

Email us with the date you have in mind, the location, the numbers involved and the type of event and we will help plan the event of a lifetime.   


lockpicking workshops 

Teaching you the secrets of Houdini whilst CHANNELING mission impossible .......

We'll teach you the closely guarded secrets that the movie companies tried to hide for years.

How does it work ? We deliver in a style to suit your team, whether it's for a group of international lawyers, security experts or jugglers. A PowerPoint presentation  lays out the underlying principles, the history and different types of locks. We cover the legal issues,  the tools involved and how to use them.

How many can join in ? Whether its one to one tuition or in groups, each team gets a personal lock picking trainer, and each member gets a practice lock and a set of lock picks and in no time they will be opening locks like Houdini.  We then move on to more difficult locks and that is when the fun really starts (up to fifteen guests in a team but ten is preferred) up to 40 guests can be trained at once. 

How long? Each workshop is designed around your requirements . "only got ten / twenty minutes?  we can do that, but it's much more fun over an hour or more with a couple of beers .... and we can introduce a timed competition with each team competing aginst the other with harder and harder locks....lock puzzles .. hand cuffs...     We can also arrange for each p[articipant to receive their own set of pocket lock picks as a memento. 

Past clients , Trustwave Internet Security,  British Juggling Conventions,  Joel Hicks.com, Pensent Masons Lawyers,  Always with a Smile Foundation.   

It was everything you promised, fun challenging and addictive, our delegates loved it and we want to book you again but not London this time.. it will be for the Science Museum in Manchester.
— Louisa Vicos Marketing Manager , Trustwave Internet Security Consultants

"More FUN, More  Danger" Days 

More Danger?" has been Peter's signature catch phrase for the past 25 years and now he gives you the chance to join in the fun! 

Whether it's to train an actor or stuntman or finish off your bucket list, we have a range of unique activities brought together as a pick "n" mix menu for you to to chose the ones for your event. 

Whether it's for prefessional development, the launch of a blockbuster , the ultimate Corporate Away Day , Secret Agent or Cowboy Training or just because you fancy it.  

That’s it ! you can forget about aerial circus now! I want to be a whip cracker!
— Sam Martin Wales Circus Festival Upside Down Circus

 How many at a time? 

We offer one to one training with the UKs' multi award winning champion whip cracker and European Master Trainer , groups of up to fifteen depending on the activities, and we have done a hundred and fifty guests over a day with Peter as Lead Tutor and his merry band of personally selected and specially trained Tutors.   


No Fit State Circus, Fox Studio launch for  :Kingsman : The Golden Circle,   The Magnificent Seven Media Launch,  O2 Indiana Jones Day at Centre Parcs,  Steve Backshall for BBC Deadly Dinosaurs, Ben Elton for The One Show. Lee Mack and Danny Baker for Duck Quacks don't Echo. " Barnum" for Cameron Mackintosh etc and many aspiring and circus professionals around the world.

Surperb training and enormous fun , thank you Peter you are the best!
— Steve Backshall BBC Deadly Dinosaurs


Yes,  of course , Peter has provided workshops in America, France, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic and all across the UK . 

If you prefer we have a training centre here in sunny Barrybados in South Wales for small groups complete with home accomodation and Pat's famous fare or a selection of hotels to stay at close by.   

What do I need to do now? 

Choose the skills you like from the list below, we provide all the equipment and safety kit and expert tuition , give Peter a ring or drop us an email and we'll sort the logistics and costs out for you.

44 (0)7875 826773

44( 0) 11446 747176 

For the ULTIMATE GIFT, we also do Gift Vouchers for One, Two hour and All Day Workshops at your venue or our training space.  ring for prices.

choose from the following: we can do up to four skills in a day for one group or offer a range of activities at the same time for larger groups  : 

 Whip cracking, lasso spinning, lariat throwing and gun spinning 

  1. Knife and Axe throwing. 

  2.  Bayonet, Kukri and Mahoosive Axes

  3. Flying Cards of Doom

  4. Fire Whip training, 

  5. "Live" Target Knife Throwing, ( must complete the knife throwing course successfully first! )   

  6. Performance standard two handed Whip Cracking , two whips are TWICE the fun!  

  7.  Machine Gun Target Range (Airsoft) 

  8. Indiana Jones Bullwhip Cracking ( 8, 10 and 12 foot bullwhips of Doom!! ) 

  9. Winchester Red Rhyder Rifle Range (Airsoft) 

  10.  Colt 45 Black powder blank firing safety training

  11. "Fast Draw McCraw"   Gun Slinging Workshop, learn to go "snake eyed" draw fast and shoot later.  

  12. Crossbow Target Range  (a fun Peleton soft target range ) 

  13. Lock Picking, ( Yale , padlock and Euro) Handcuff Picking. Puzzle locks  

  14. Gun Spinning, 

Just wanted to say a huge thank you, you and Simon were incredible, so professional and accomodating, I was over the moon with everything, so thank you!
— Calvin Ewing Media Circus Kingsman The Golden Circle Medai Launch

Is it safe? 

Peter started his circus career juggling axes and breathing fire as " Captain Dangerous" and it all went downhill from there... .

He was a senior lecturer in Sport and Recreation Management and later a  Health and Safety Officer and used knife throwing and fire eating to teach students H&S.

 This gave him the skills and knowledge to convince Equity to insure his antics and on it goes from there.. 

Full risk assessments, Public Liability Insurance details, Fire Insurance details and CBS/DBS Certificates are availabl eon request