"the last surviving English Cowboy in Wales" 

Stage, cabaret and festival shows that feature unique whip cracking tricks, stunts and demonstrations, blazing and spinning Colt 45's, Lasso Spinning, Pony Express Relay Races, Lariat throwing, cowboy rope tricks and every type of western fun!  king.

" There was a young cowboy! "

He's on the hunt for true cowboys and cowgirls as he puts them through their paces and tests their mettle as they go inside "The Lasso of Doom" chase down mustangs, catch cow pats and untangle ropes whilst holding target and whistling " The Yellow Rose of Texas" 


Harpenden Carnival, Minsterly Show, The International Western Skills Festival, Margam Park Wild West Day, Cornbury Festival, Woodmancote Fete, and on  Good Morning Britain, The Graham Norton Show, The One Show etc and the award winning film "Billy The Kid,".


Shows available from 8 to 40 minutes and The Wandering Wild West Workshop Wagon of Wonders or static Western Skills Workshops!

Just wanted to say an enormous Thank You! for your act on Saturday , it was a great show and the event was very successful with record numbers attending
— Event Chairperson, Harpenden Carnival

Recent shows :

Harpenden Carnival, The Minsterly Show, Merlins Walk Carmarthen,  

Sony Films Studios media launch for the  The Magnificent Seven 

Fox Studios Media Launch Kingsman.  

 The European Whip Cracking Championships Gala Show at Rimarov,  Czech Republic ,

 Family Wild West Day at Margam Park 

Wild West Day at Aberdare Park, Fouet Artistique Exposition ,  Paris Disneyland,

Royal Signals Regiment Summer Ball, Belling Microsoft Wild West Cabaret. Royal Medical Corps Summer Ball, 


What the clients have said:

Special mention must go to the cabaret “Pecan Pete” who was truly excellent; he kept the audience entertained throughout with a fantastic show filled with fun for the kids and adults alike. He is a real star and a must for any wild west themed event
— Royal College of Surgeons Family Wild West Day
A fantastic show with great skills and cowboy danger, well done on your much deserved award.
— Western Arts Club - Lladislav Gin

Pecan Pete was asked to autograph the left over whip cracking targets by his latest fans at Cornbury Music Festival, nearly brought  a tear to his eye...   


" Pecan Petes'

Wandering Wagon of western Wonders! "

A unique wagon of delights, a travelling western skills workshop that is perfect for retail malls, fetes and festivals, complete with temporary safety barriers and his own cactus, Pete demonstrates and teaches lasso spinning , lasso throwing, whip cracking and cowboy rope tricks to all ages.  

He is an International, European and UK National award winning western skills performance champion whip cracker.

He's trained circus performers , stuntmen and stars of film and stage, for one to one training or event workshops please see the Workshop page    https://ahandfulofhats.squarespace.com/config#/|/western-skills/