Flying Officer Kite 

A Jolly Good Show !

A salute to the 100 years of the Royal Air Force with 3 X 45 minute glorious interactive bubble workshops and  bubble kite fly bys... 

Stand agog whilst he tries to get the old girl back into the air! Crikey chaps, watch out in the sun! 

Juan " One Dip"" Buble! 

Inspired by the a love of carnival and the teachings of the world famous circus performers Steve Rawlings and Ben Cornish , Juan embraces the spirit of Rio with his big heart and love of dance and bubbles . mixed in with an interactive workshop of spinning plates , ribbon dancing, marakas and tambourine playing.  

Everyone absolutely loved Juan! we haven’t had dancing in the streets in Carmarthen since VE Day!
— Claire Events Director Merlin Walk

Charlie Bubbles . 

Everybody loves bubbles! Especially when they are made by the cheeky chappy himself. 

He's got big bubbles, small bubbles, hula bubbles, bouncy bubbles, flying bubbles and bubble workshops, games and competition for all and all the fun of the fair in a glorious circus and bubble show and driveabouts on his Musical Bubble Trike .

Glorious  35 minute show  and 2 x45 minute Bubbleabouts. 



Pontycanna Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Archive! 

Great fun for your Indiana Jones themed event, film launch and Super Hero Day

"Ponty! " as he is known,  is on a quest and fortunately he's blessed with Super Powers but he'll still need the audience to help him!

 Thrill as our lovely boy battles evil to save the day.

 Dum, De Dum, Dum!

There's a recipe see, written long ago ......... hidden it is , far from the hands of the sworn enemas of the Welsh, those dastardly Inglisi, and that recipe is the secret of the pasty that made this nation grate, if only someone could find it and save the day!

Well, he might,, some day soon, just by here , but only if he can get some help to : Run away from giant bouncing balls of doom, solve the puzzles , read a map (for he is truly awful at maps ..) fight the giant snakes and rats and capture the baddies .

A 5 to 35 minute show with 2 x 45 minute walkabout whip cracking workshops !

Any resemblance to Indiana Jones is a pigment of your imagination and should be treated by a doctor for it !