What better way to celebrate a loved ones' 40th birthday party than to book a fantastic ancient barn and the best rooting tooting last remaining English Cowboy in Wales to come on down and entertain your guests.

We booked Peter for a 40th Birthday Party and he is amazing great guy and we had a great show!

— Lee White Windsor

Meeting and greeting the guests outside with a warm welcome of western music, blazing guns and cracking whips, Peter set the scene for an evening of fun and games, during the Reception we had table entertainment of rope tricks, " Prairie Dogs" "Texas Roses" and gun spinning and then the "Pecan Pete Wild West Show" Pony Express horses raced across the stage, lassos skipped and span, shots were fired, targets were hit, hearts were broken and kisses given .......     

our thanks to the talented Lewis White for the photos. " He learnt to crack a whip that evening too"