"Pecan Pete"  the last surviving cowboy in Wales, leapt into the breach to save the day! the townsfolk were setting up for their annual summer festivities when the heavens opened and nearly swamped the event! " What to do?" they cried .. "the Cheerleaders can't parade on this! The Indian Dance Troupe can't dance and the Martial Arts club can't kick on it ... we've nearly two hours to fill for the hundreds we are expecting to attend today and all we can offer them is the display of the  SWP Armed Response Group "  " Well " said Pete, in his best Texan drawl, " I reckon I can rustle up a couple of shows instead of the one I was going to do and fortunately I brung my trusty sidekick along with me today, I reckon we can keep the circus workshops open at the same time" " Ooooh" said the townsfolk , " Could you? Would you? "  "Yep" said I 

“Thank you so much for all your efforts! It was a super day!”
— Townsfolk of Lisvane

Pecans' new Cowboy Show , "You've got to be good to be a Cowboy" featured a range of new material and audience participation challenges, although before he started he did have to wrestle his shotguns off the ARG boys first though as they had taken quite a shine to them and had even tested them on their patrol car . :-)   The finale was a first in the UK with the bravest Cowgirl in Cardiff, PC Debbie holding targets about her person while Pecan shot them out of her hands, from horseback, with a Colt 45! ...