With the opportunity to attend a performance master class from two of the UK's leading comedy circus performers everything got put on hold!  Steve Rawlings http://steverawlingsjuggler.com/ and Ben Cornish https://www.facebook.com/Ben-the-Juggler-460267820722876/ gave us a full day of workshops, discussion, group, solo exercises , critiques and new work development which  was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.


A new boy on the block made his heel stamping entry into the world! , he's a work in progress for a new upcoming " Rio!" themed show and walkabout . Ladies and Gentlemen ! Welcome the man to make your hearts flutter and pop any bubbles about style over exuberance , he's a Spanglish speaking, French Canadian Welshman from Manchego!   Ola! to "Juan Bubleee"  (pronounced " One  Boooblayy... " )  

Here are Steve and Ben and the other happy participants in a great day.