An invite to entertain at Penarth Carnival again this year, was the catalyst to unleash a new character on the unsuspecting home of the loveliest crowds and the scariest Downhill Derby in the UK. " Bertie the Balloon Bloke!" wove his magic patter on the crowds along the Clifftop Parade making anything they liked out of a balloon... as long as it was a dog......  ,, 

No seriously .. he can make a myraid of other things but by Jove! he makes as fine a dog as one could hope for, big ones, green ones, long ones, thin ones , walking ones, marching ones, watch dogs , sausage dogs and even his own unique invention, " The Designer Dog!"  " They goes darn a treat" says Bertie , who came all the way from Bermondsey on his bicycle made for two for the occasion.