Queen Victoria would have approved of the latest addition to our range of quality Circus Workshops " The Victoriana", perfect with a slice of cake and a cup of tea. 


It made it's debut in the National Museum of Wales at St Fagans working with No Fit State Circus,  where we provided period perfect entertainment in the the charming surroundings of some of the most glorious examples of Welsh Victorian and Edwardian architecture .  

It was spiffing fun! and we loved the cup and balls especially!
— Aaron Fortesque III

Accompanied by our very own Victorian Ringmeister this eclectic collection of vintage bygone circus props accompanied with some more slightly more modern (and easier) toys and tricks introduced a thrilled group of adults and children to the joys of juggling vintage wooden juggling balls , wooden diablo, yoyos, dragons tails, cups and balls, spinning hoops, Japanese cups and balls, spinning tops, spinning plates and all the fun of the circus in a steamer trunk of circus fun.