It appears that the epicentre of lasso training is in South Wales! :-)

The fact that it’s only a couple of hours from London attracted two talented performers, Kate and Sophie who wanted to add lasso spinning to their skill set, so they joined us for an enjoyable afternoon of fun and games!

Hi Pete,
Just wanted to thank you so very much for your generosity, giggles and training today. What a wonderful time and we are thrilled we can now spin a rope. I will be practicing to get it much better and hope to learn more.

The time just flew by and you and the guys couldn’t have been nicer company. You are such a natural and fun teacher. We so hope we can see you all again.

My job involves a lot of smiling but I don’t always feel like it’s a true smile as we all do I guess. Today I laughed so much as well as learnt such a coveted skill (all be it knowing full well that I am very much at the beginning). Laughs are like gold dust so thank you for something I can’t always truly feel.
We love that we have some lovely new pals.
— Kate H Cos Productions