The Mad Hatter  

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Alice in Wonderlands' most favourite character brought to life in a fantastic costume and show stopping hat, nonsensical fun Meet and Greet for your guest as they arrive to go down the rabbit hole . Puzzles, riddles and sleight of hand set the scene. Will also Ringmaster and compere your event . Please see Wedding and Acts section  

" Flying Officer Kite and his Magnificent  Flying Machine! "

He's off on a dawn patrol , powered by bubbles and stirring flying music he needs a hand re-fueling!

Fresh from The Festival of the Sky , Air Regatta and The Teddy Bears Picnic , it's a glorious interactive almost flying act with a jolly moustachioed flying ace full of " I say!"  "Broadsword calling Danny Boy!"  What hos!"  "Watch out for the Bogies"  " Jolly good show! "

Heralded by rousing  music he crash lands amongst the crowds and shows them all how to make the biggest bubbles in the land so he can take off again!  

Flying Officer Kite was fabulous, the children and adults loved him.
— Bernadette Pritchard Events Officer RCT
The attention to detail on his flying machine is glorious , and he was such great fun, adored by the children and adults alike. Thank you so much for making our event so special.
— Glyn Tooley Sky Fest Kite Festival


Pirate captain perilous pete

A glorious recreation of the Carribeans finest " Scourge of the Severn Seas! " Either as Meet and Greet for your guest or he's out  and about to waylay likely lads and lasses to take the " Kings Shilling" and join his newest command that's safely on tow behind him. Piratical interactive fun and games, he takes no quarter but there be no slaughter. He'll test their skills. teach them sailors knots and give them pirate tips and tricks to keep them safe on the long journey ahead.  See the Acts section for the Pirate Shows on offer. 



"Charlie Bubbles" and the  Magical musical Bubble Trike

A vintage powered tricycle, with the perfect music to suit your event, whether it be modern, Victorian, 1930's Edwardian or Christmas tunes pour from brass trumpets and cornets and bubbles galore with an interactive bubble workshop and giant bubbles.

With it's own cheeky Cockney Conductor, Charlie Bubbles, he'll lead the sing-a-longs and help the children and adults to make the best and biggest bubbles this side of the Bow Bells with his mobile bubble workshop.

Wonderful as a wandering attraction for fetes and garden parties, a firm favourite in parades.

Available themed  as Victorian, Carnival, Edwardian and Circus with other themes available on request.  

Charlie Bubbles also offers a " Bubbletastic Circus Show , please see the Acts page. 

A fantastic addition to our Grand Parade, we loved your interaction with the crowds, they loved you!
We love Charlie!
— Bryn Merle Grand Parade Master Porthcawl Fete

Pecan Pete 

The last surviving English cowboy in Wales! 

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With his wandering wagon of western skills delights, he can be greeting your guests , teaching them how to crack a whip and spin a lasso and guaranteeing to put smiles on faces. 

Kingsman Media Launch for Fox Studios, Wild West Wednesday Lanelli Town Centre Fun Day , Magnificent Seven Media Launch Day for Sony Studios. Billy the Kid film etc etc. 

Fantastic fun , you brought a Western feel right into the studio.
— Graham Norton The Graham Norton Show

bertie and the Balloon Trike

" He can make anything your heart desires!"  ............"as long as it's a dog"

He can make others of course and a guaranteed crowd pleaser and excellent queue buster, with his bubbles and balloons on a vintage trike.  whether it's  "Swords for Pirates and Princesses"  or how about Flowers for the Fanciful, Cats for the Cuddly, Teddy Bears for the Terrified and the famous "Flying Mice of Fear " 

Each one made with cheery banter, sometimes even a touch of magic, a joke and a slap on the head to send them on their way ..... happy daze..  

“Faster than the eye can see,” ! Loved that line, you contributed so much to a fantastic day out for everyone ,. Thank you so much and we will see you next year.
— N McDonald Penarth Carnival

roving circus workshop

features a unique "pop up" circus workshop that takes all the fun of the circus to wherever your guests are gathering.

A great fun circus character, whether it's for your Exhibition stand,  Fun Day, Victorian Faire, Open Day, Christmas Market or Carnival Parade , packed with spinning plates, juggling clubs and balls, Victorian diablos, cups and balls, circus ribbons, tricks and fancies

A great fun circus character, whether it's for your Exhibition stand,  Fun Day, Victorian Faire, Open Day, Christmas Market or Carnival Parade , packed with spinning plates, juggling clubs and balls, Victorian diablos, cups and balls, circus ribbons, tricks and fancies. 

You were just the most perfetct fun , the guests loved the interaction and learning new skills. Thank You .
— Head of School Royal College of Music and Drama

For the full range of circus workshops available please see the Workshop section. 

"Algernon perisque" a Gentleman on a Tricycle

When they re-opened Wales National Lido, the restored the 1920'3 outdoor Lido in Pontypridd, we were delighted to be selected to provide entertainment for the guests and throughout the park for the whole week of celebrations.

Accompanied by a selection of the musical top hits of the 20's and 30's and trails of bubbles wherever he went, this wandering straw hatted minstrel with his bubble workshop was a great hit itself, Pirates galore and a stilted banjo player are also available.

He was a wonderful addition to the celebrations and did exactly what was needed .. kept our customers happy with smiles on their faces, thank you!
— Dean Morgan-Jones Operations Manager The Lido Ponty